TXFR – expanding the flow of digitized information

One of the greatest benefits of our increasingly connected world is the transfer of information.

Yes, it is just 0s and 1s.

But as it continues to evolve, those 0s and 1s represent increasing types of content.

Initially it was words. the 0s and 1s were refined into clusters that that represented letters and numbers and punctuation and spaces. And a start and an end. And breaks in between.

And a message was born.

And then encoding schemes were developed to represent other content. 0s and 1s could be used to represent images and sound and music and video.

And more and more destinations appeared. It wasnt just educational institutions and governments. More and more businesses got online. And then servicews that facilitated tat effort. And then people. And then everyone found more and more ways to connect. And more and more ways to use that connectivity.

And the wires through which those 0s and 1s travelled got bigger so that more could travel at the same time. And compression schemes were introduced so that it could move more quickly. And then the wires were removed and the 0s and 1s could travel freely in the air.

But it is still just 0s and 1s getting from one place to another. It is all about the transfer of information between locations. That is what TXFR is all about.