Digital Nomads

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Technology is one of the things that is contributing to the elimination of barriers. Our world is more seamless than ever. And surely this trend will continue.

One of the areas of relative seamlessness is the financial world. Gone are the days that banks can charge astronomical fees to exchange your money.

Have you ever planned a trip to a foreign country and gone to your bank to get cash or travelers checks?
Or bought something online or in person in another country using a credit card where they handled the exchange?

Have you ever looked at the exchange rates and seen that the buy and sell rates were different? Usually by as much as 10%.

And access to other parts of the world continues to increase, with more businesses doing business with companies in other parts of the world. There is a lot more reliance on cost effective exchange services.

The next disruption is here. And there are lots of players in the game. There are a number of companies that have recognized the need and opportunity to present consumers with an alternative option.

As a baseline, this affects you as a traveller. You do not need to restrict yourself to you bank, or indeed other banks, to acquire your foreign currency. Or to just use your credit or bank card in the foreign country.

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